This Weekend

There’s a ton of (hardcore related) shit happening this weekend.

Starting with tonight, out in the far reaches of Toronto’s west end, HAZARDOUS WASTE and MOLESTED YOUTH are playing a house show with a band I’ve never heard of. The fact that this show is in a house is sure to make it awesome. Get out there if you can. From what I understand, it’s right off the subway line.


Tomorrow morning, Pete at Hits and Misses is having a huge LP sale. He’s clearing out a big chunk of his personal collection, so get there tomorrow if you’re lookin to score (860 Bloor St. W at Ossington). I’ve heard there’s something like 500 records involved, so you’re sure to find something. He will also have tickets to the HAVE HEART gig starting tomorrow. As it stands now, people should count on that show selling out, so act fast. There are 200 advance tickets and there will be 100 at the door.

And as for tomorrow night, there are two, Mark Pesci sponsored, gigs happening. The first is features EATING GLASS at the Adrift Clubhouse for a band’s record release or something. The second is the SCHOOL JERKS/WHITE WIRES/BANG BANGS show at Rancho Relaxo. It’ll be tough to decide. Both headliners are great bands.


So if you didn’t have any plans this weekend, now you do. Get into it.


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