Too Much Hardcore?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this spring is filled with shows. Not just regular shows either. Between Pesci and SITC, there are a very high number of great shows happening in a very short span of time. You can check out all of the vital details on the shows listings page but the following is the jist of it.

Starting March 3rd, SoCal punk legends AGENT ORANGE are playing at Sneaky Dee’s with locals BAD CHOICE and MOLESTED YOUTH.

March 6th, Schizophrenic Records are releasing their second Toronto compilation LP called TORONTO’S BURNING (The first was the Toronto Omnibus Comp) with a show at Annie’s on Queen featuring URBAN BLIGHT, HAZ WAS, U.T.I. and PICKED ON (ex-BLACK SPOKES). If you show up early, you might even score a copy of the NO T.O. comp with a bunch of Toronto based bands doing their best versions of songs off of the YES L.A. comp. This show is not to be missed.

On March 7th, EATING GLASS is cramming into the Bad Cave with PICKED ON, MOLESTED YOUTH, BORED STIFF and new band MCBAIN. Bring earplugs. On a Saturday at the Cave, this show will certainly be a rager.

After that, you get a few days of rest, then SLAUGHTERSTRIKE (ex-RAMMER, THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE) play their first show at Smiling Buddha on March 13th with ABBADON, RIDE AT DAWN and SEPULCHRE. This show will serve as a precursor to Saturday’s insanity.

In what will be one of the last shows at the Adrift Clubhouse, Montreal punk giants INEPSY are playing with BRUTAL KNIGHTS, URBAN BLIGHT and HAZARDOUS WASTE on the 14th. This show stands to be stupider than that CAREER SUICIDE show back in January. INEPSY hasn’t been here in a long time. Be there.


Proof that anyone can draw a flyer.

Only a few days later on March 18th, things will get a little bit lighter with FIREWORKS playing for their CD release with THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, ATTENTION and BROTHERS. If you’re into pop-punk of the hardcore related kind, this show’s for you.

The very next night at the Kathedral, on the 19th, BANE is here on a short run with CRUEL HAND and END OF A YEAR. We’ve got FORFEIT coming up just for the occasion and HAZ WAS is gonna be there to freak out the squares right off the bat.

Two days later, on March 21st (fuck, this is a lot of shows),COLISEUM are gonna try and match the INEPSY show from the week before, with BLACK BIRDS, SLAUGHTERSTRIKE and MATURE SITUATIONS filling out the bill. This show will be another party.

Then, two days after that, HAVE HEART will play their first Toronto show on a run out to United Blood with POLAR BEAR CLUB and TRAPPED UNDER ICE. Opening up the show are FORTUNE TELLER and BAD CHOICE. This show’s got something for everyone and will likely be the biggest show that Stuck in the City has ever done.

And, in case you haven’t burnt out at that point, RAH, IN TIME, BAD CHOICE and BORED STIFF are playing at Annie’s on Queen on the 27th. And that’s just March.

If you ask me, that’s a killer run of shows. I think I’ve even missed some.

Too much hardcore? Never. If you’re really into this music, this fucking rules. Get out to as many shows as you can, especially the local-heavy ones (that is, locals that aren’t out to be Victory Records next big thing), and continue to prove that we’ve got one of the best scenes in all of North America, if not the world. Start a zine, start a band, support everyone who puts in the effort. DIY ’til we die.

Oh and big thanks to everyone who came to check out AMEN RA and ZOROASTER last Friday. It was LOUD.


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