IMPORTANT – Have Heart/PBC now at the Kathedral


The HAVE HEART/POLAR BEAR CLUB/TRAPPED UNDER ICE/BAD CHOICE/FORTUNE TELLER show has officially been moved to the Kathedral. Doors are still at 7pm and all tickets will be honored. If you have put a ticket on hold, it will be available at the door.

We’ve had to do something we really didn’t want to do. When we booked this show at the Clubhouse, I was really excited about it. The prospect of doing such a high demand show in a what could loosely be described as “our own” venue was fulfilling for many reasons. Despite all that, demand has been so high for this show, that the only reasonable thing to do is to move it to a bigger venue. What it comes down to is not how many kids we can cram in, but the safety of the show. Anybody who’s been going to shows for even a short period of time knows that any unwanted attention at a hardcore show could result in the show getting shut down. By leaving this show at the Clubhouse, when so many tickets have been sold or held with three weeks to go before the show, we would have been inviting this sort of disaster. In this sense, it’s bittersweet. When it’s said and done though, we didn’t move the show for the people that complained about the venue. That’s a fact. We moved it for the kids that care about the music and would be truly upset if the show got shut down because of capacity or crowd issues and it seems that there are a lot of them out there.

You will be able to get tickets at both HITS AND MISSES and ROTATE THIS by the end of the week. I suggest picking them up soon as this show selling out in a bigger venue is still, very much, a possibility. There won’t be any moving it from there. If you wish to have tickets held at the door, please email HERE.

This show is going to be huge, there’s no doubt about it. Hopefully we’ll see you there. Please come early to support the local bands and ensure you won’t be disappointed.


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