News for March 6th, 2009

  • Tonight at Annie’s, Schizophrenic Records is hosting the release show for their TORONTO’S BURNING COMPILATION. URBAN BLIGHT, HAZARDOUS WASTE, U.T.I. and PICKED ON are all playing. It’s gonna be a wicked show and it’ll be my first time at Annie’s, which I’m pretty stoked about.
  • !ATTENTION!, who are playing the FIREWORKS show on March 18th, have posted their demo for download at Juicebox Recording Co. where you can download it for free or PWYC. Check it out right here.
  • Because of the surprisingly overwhelming response I’ve gotten about the “bring a zine, get into Have Heart for free” deal, I’m gonna have to limit it to only 5 people on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re actually making a zine, please let us know.
  • There will be tickets at Rotate This and Hits and Misses for HAVE HEART/POLAR BEAR CLUB/TRAPPED UNDER ICE this weekend. The show is not yet close to selling out, but I still encourage everyone to get on picking tickets up. I expect it to/hope it will be packed. Be there early for BAD CHOICE & FORTUNE TELLER.
  • We haven’t officially announced any of these yet, but we’re working on shows for BRAINDEAD, FACE THE PANIC, MINDSET/FORCE FED/PETITION/OUTLAST, THE EFFORT/I REFUSE, AMEBIX, NO HARM DONE/STATIC RADIO NJ/OFFSIDES & COKE BUST/SICK FIX. Expect full details on some in the coming weeks.

It’s early March and things are already getting a bit crazy on the show front. I spent over an hour and a half at Kinkos yesterday printing flyers, posters and tickets but it’s incredibly rewarding knowing how wild this year will be. If you’re a local band, I hope you’re working on some new stuff. Come say hello at shows and let us know what’s up.


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