What a Week


At first I was all ambitious about reviewing Saturday, but when shows are happening this fast, it’s near impossible to keep up. I’ll post some photos as soon as their developed of Saturday for sure, but as for a review… it just ain’t gonna happen.

Fireworks was a successful show. Our buddy Sideways Hat Pat stopped in to take some photos between Fashion Week shoots. All the bands were great. If you see Glenn (singer of !ATTENTION!/drummer of every band, including FORTUNE TELLER) give him some help walking. Dude busted his foot during the first song of their set on Wednesday.

Last night’s show was also really great. A very solid mix of bands. FORFEIT’s new songs were great. I can’t wait to hear that record. END OF A YEAR seemed to really impress a lot of people. I guess it’s been a while since post-hardcore bands were prevalent in the scene. There were also a lot of new faces out and that was refreshing to see. I even copped a zine from our buddy James. You can check out his corresponding blog right here. I think I even saw some after show interviews going down. For further notes on how to make a good zine, consult Mr.X’s article in the last TOH.

Tomorrow is COLISEUM. Doors are at 9. I’m pretty excited about this show. It’s gonna get packed in Rancho. Most of the info on this flyer is wrong, but it’s cool so I’m posting it again.



And then, on Monday, the biggest show we’ve ever done. Tickets are still available at Hits and Misses & Rotate This. Get there and get them.


1 Response to “What a Week”

  1. 1 Codey March 21, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    Any pictures from Bane/Cruel Hand up yet?

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