This Past Monday.


HAVE HEART and POLAR BEAR CLUB played here this past Monday. It was the biggest show we’ve ever done with over 450 people in attendance. During both Polar Bear Club and Have Heart’s sets, I had to sit on the stage in awe. It was incredible to see that many kids out for, not only a hardcore show, but a hardcore show that we organized. I want to thank everyone who came. It meant a lot to us. Hopefully this is just a springboard for the summer and we’ll see a lot of you again soon.



As I’m sure everyone noticed, there was a significant number of people taking photos at the show. Thanks go out to all of you. Sorry if I asked you to move off the stage but it was getting hectic at some points. The photos that you see here were provided by Canice Leung, Peter Youssef, Patrick Moore, Andy Stammers and James Morgan. If you’ve got photos, please send them.




As far as the showing of zines goes, it was kind of a bummer that only three folks claimed a free ticket out of over 450 people. I think it should be mandatory that anybody interested in hardcore ’round these parts own the TOH Zineography and treat it as their bible on zine making. After reading it two or three times through, get out there, interview our locals in depth, take some photos or get your buddy to and have them ready for the HAVE HEART show in the summer. We’ll honour the zine policy then too. You can even take a shit ton of photos between now and then or do some wicked illustrations, just do something!  I just did an interview for a friend’s zine about SITC and he’s interviewed a bunch of the locals. I couldn’t be more excited about seeing it come out. You should also brush up on you ALONE IN A CROWD and YOUTH OF TODAY records before the next show.





Now that this past week is out of the way, we’ve gotta get on with what’s coming up. I’ll make a big post about upcoming shows at some point tomorrow. Keep the community growing and really, thank you for helping make these shows what they are.


2 Responses to “This Past Monday.”

  1. 1 dude guy March 26, 2009 at 7:46 am

    any pics from Bane?

  2. 2 nanabanana March 26, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    sick show! i don’t have any pics, but i took a short vid: 😀

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