There’s a Lot Coming Up

That might just be our mantra this year. I’m guessing there will be double the number of shows this summer when compared to last. Not sure yet, but we’ll see. As always, if you want to see certain bands play Toronto, let them know.

So here’s what’s up. This Friday there are two pretty cool shows happening. Our buddy D’arcy is doing an all locals jam at Annie’s that will definitely be worth checking out.

hotdogflyerRAH has been recording lately so they’ll probably best out some new jams. Also, BAD CHOICE has put up a Myspace page. Check it HERE. It’s got live recordings from their set on Monday to tide you over while you wait for the demo to be recorded.

Also on Friday night, YOUNG WIDOWS are playing at Sneaky Dee’s. It’s not necessarily hardcore but it’s definitely hardcore related.


Then, next Thursday, Pesci’s got SACRED SHOCK and DESKONOCIDOS here. This show is gonna fuckin rule. SACRED SHOCK put out a 7″ on Hamilton’s Schizophrenic Rex last year and it’s a ripper.


On the following Saturday, mid-Easter weekend, Colohan is bringing NIGHTBRINGER back and we’re tossing VILE INTENT from Montreal on the bill. I’ve yet to see a show at 751 but I can imagine that it’s going to rule.


On the following Wednesday, we’ve got BRAINDEAD from PA/NJ in town with BLACK BIRDS, MOLESTED YOUTH (whose new songs I heard at AGENT ORANGE – they are wicked) & DEATH ADDERS, a new band from London.


The following week we’ve got a show happening at Annie’s on Queen with NAYSAYER, BRIGHTS, BACKTRACK and BAD CHOICE. NAYSAYER has a track on that new Reaper Records comp that is definitely worth checking out. If you’re into FORFEIT, you’ll probably dig on NAYSAYER. BRIGHTS are also really rad. Be there before these bands get big.


Then on April 29th, we’re gonna stuff everyone into Siesta Nouveaux for the 108 show, with B9’s newest act, SOUL CONTROL, I RISE, HUNTER & RAH. Be there early, cause this show will move quickly.


On Friday May 8th, we’re doing a show for FACE THE PANIC, another band to rise from the ashes of Buffalo greats, BURIED ALIVE. EATING GLASS & FORTUNE TELLER, as well as one, yet to be announced band will fill out the bill. We’re just finalizing some details on the venue.

The next night is gonna be an incredible show, as it’s URBAN BLIGHT‘s LP release show. WASTE MANAGEMENT are gonna come up for it, OMEGAS are rolling down from Montreal and Jonah Falco will be doing a MAD MEN set. It will be the first time in Toronto where he actually fronts the band instead of drumming. Come get slanked. BAD CHOICE will be kicking off the festivities. Bring money for records.


And that gets us to just over a month from now. Fuck, Toronto’s not a bad city to be stuck in, is it? In the interim, you should be working on your wicked zine and digging up classic records.

Captain Juno, away!


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