Equalizing x Distort Needs Your Help!

So tonight is the bi-yearly (I think?) fundraising drive at CIUT, and ExD is in need of some support. I’ve written about in the past, but the bottom line is that Equalizing Distort provides Toronto and its surrounding area with one hell of a Independent Hardcore Punk show and it’s the only one of its kind on traditional radio in all of Southern Ontario. They also use the resources at CIUT to record live sets from several local and touring hardcore punk. These sets are absolutely invaluable when it comes to documenting the bands of Toronto as sometimes they serve as bands only recordings. ExD is on the air tonight and every Sunday at 10pm, 89.5fm if you’re near a radio or http://www.CIUT.fm if you’re near a computer. Get on the horn and donate tonight. SITC will be throwing some cash in the pot for sure.

For more info, check out what Stephe, the host of ExD is passing around:

On Sunday April 5th, Equalizing-X-Distort will be involved in CIUT’s semi-annual fundraising drive. Starting at 10:00pm, we will be asking you to support the radio station by becoming or renewing your membership with CIUT as a “Friend of 89.5 FM”. A $25.00 donation will allow CIUT to continue bringing punk and underground hardcore to the airwaves.

Equalizing-X-Distort is a two hour hardcore show that airs every Sunday night from 10:00 pm til midnight. We have been very lucky to be able to continue bringing you hardcore from emerging international scenes, which has always been a big part of the show.

CIUT, the radio station that we program EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT on, is in a situation where we have to fundraise, in order to be able to make up the difference in our operating expenses. Equalizing-X-Distort was unable to make our donor goals and the show has been red-lined by the station. In order to make our on-air pledge goals we need to hear from you or else the show may not be on the air in the future.

I am getting in touch, to see if you would make a pledge donation to become a “Friend of 89.5” on behalf of EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT, to help the station meet our operating expenses.

Aside from keeping the one hardcore show in this area on-air, you would be making a difference to keep media that is independent on-air.

I’ll get my photos developed and do a bit of a write up on the SACRED SHOCK show when I get a few.


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