Flyers Etc.


The MINDSET/FORCE FED flyer is above. Note that URBAN BLIGHT is playing this show, a week after their record release. I highly suggest attending both shows.

So yesterday, in all my wisdom, I sent out a Facebook message that you may or may not have received with a request for flyers. I was bombarded with responses that ranged from resume type applications to “yeah I’ll do one”. I guess I didn’t think the request through.

In brief, here’s the deal. It may or may not be known that we do most of our own flyers. We being Scott and I.  We’ve had a few friends do some on request, but the brunt of the work has been here at home. Personally I enjoy doing them but when you’re doing so many (and you’re more of a jack-of-all-trades than an artist) the well runs dry on occasion.

This is where you, the young/old coreman/corewoman comes in. Consider this an open invitation to ANYONE who wants to make flyers. I’ll usually post all the info for an upcoming show at the top of this page or on our Facebook page at least a couple weeks before it happens. If you’re so inclined, make one! We’ll grant you free access to that show. I don’t care if you’ve never taken an art class in your life or if you’re a working graphic designer, this is the game. If you plan on taking one on, please let us know so we don’t make one ourselves or get duplicate submissions – and maybe we can even discuss the idea. I’d say it’s a pretty good deal if you asked me.  So have at it!


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