Braindead Last Night

So, last night’s show was an interesting one. It was the smallest attendance we have ever had, which is a little funny considering that the show before (Have Heart) was the most well attended.

Anyways, there were some highlights and some lowlights. In brief:

+The new issue of A BUFFET OF PAINS AND PLAGUES. Christian is doing some seriously cool shit with this thing. Get a copy of it.
+Durk saying confrontational shit/surviving a bad bike accident.
+Nick telling stories about his new dad.
+Generally getting to hang with some of the kids that come to shows who I otherwise don’t really hang with. Call it the benefit of poor attendance.
+Coming home to find my copy of EFFORT FANZINE had arrived in the mail. This thing is substantial. Aside from some grammatical editing, it’s pretty top notch.

-Finding out bummer shit about people in our scene.
-Forgetting to bid on a record I wanted on ebay that I really wanted.
-Turnout being way lower than hoped for/expected.

While I’m writing there are a couple things I want to add/clear up.

One, Stuck in the City in no way condones any sort of behaviour that can otherwise be considered mysoginistic, racist, homophobic or otherwise negative behavior towards anyone based on who they are. Everyone is welcome at our shows and anyone who does anything to make anyone feel uncomfortable at one of our shows for being who they are, can fuck right off. However, we do condone behavior that is anti-religion, anti-capitalist or is otherwise an affront to other common societal systems of belief. In fact, we encourage it. We also promote behavior that is pro-pizza.

Two, there hasn’t been a ton of substantial content on here as of late as you may have noticed. I’ve been split as to whether or not I should amp it up. This is due to both time constraints and desire to create throwaway content for kids. I wanted to do a print zine of stuff, but there isn’t enough time between real life and shows. I’m still up in the air. It could go either way. Regardless, our friend Adam just did up a zine where he interviewed myself and several local bands and it should be available soon. When you see it, be sure to grab a copy.

Three, if you’ve been into HITS AND MISSES lately, you’ve probably heard about Pete’s licensing ordeal from the man himself. If not, you should check out this article about his recent troubles. If you haven’t been there or don’t go regularly, I recommend doing so. He’s always got some wicked stuff in stock and he can teach you all you need to know about good music. Support your local independent retailers.

NAYSAYER next Friday & 108 is less than two weeks away. URBAN BLIGHT record release only a week or so after that, then MINDSET follows. Come out!




1 Response to “Braindead Last Night”

  1. 1 nobody April 16, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    The link to the article about Hits and Misses doesn’t go anywhere!

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