Support Your Local Record Dealer


Apparently tomorrow is “Independent Record Store Day” or something like that. Unfortunately for some of the best shops in the city of Toronto, some assholes down at City Hall have found it necessary to fuck with their livelihood.

Our buddy Pete at Hits and Misses is one of the people that has been getting some undue attention from these assholes. Fortunately, someone at Torstar thought it worthwhile to give Pete an ear and his situation was published in the Toronto Star and Metro dailies yesterday. (You can read the online article here.) However, the problem has yet to go away. Despite the fact that the language of the laws is at the very least unclear and Pete has proven so, these people keep harassing him.

On top of going to Hits and Misses to support one of the best punk record stores in North America tomorrow, you can email Pete’s (or your own city councillor) and let him/her know that this sort of bullying just isn’t right. You can find a list of councillors here. Pete’s councillor is Joe Pantalone. Let them know what you think. Emailing definitely helps, so please take a minute to do it.

This city’s independent retailers are what helps give it character. They should not be abused by a cash-grabbing city hall.


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