Naysayer Show Last Night/House Show Tonight

So, I spoke too soon. Last night’s show was even smaller than BRAINDEAD. Where are you Toronto?

Regardless of turnout, it was a show that merits some review – even though I was an idiot and forgot my camera. Doors opened around 9, but it was bands only for the good part of the night. We held tight til about 1030 and then just went with it.

The artists formerly known as GET WISE opened up the show. Personally, I was presently surprised. I had never seen them before but their members come out to a fair number of shows considering they’re from Barrie, so they were well deserving of a chance to play. It’s always awesome to see a band play the same to an empty room as they would to a full room. They had lots of energy and they had some cool tunes. Hopefully they stick with it for awhile because they definitely have some promise. A huge thanks goes out to them on supplying a good portion of gear for the touring bands on last minute notice.

BAD CHOICE followed up immediately after GET WISE. They powered through a short set of tunes, including a couple covers. I seriously dig what these guys are doing. Hopefully they can get it to tape sometime in the near future so kids can devote some time to it. They’ve been playing a lot lately and I’m sure they will continue to get out, so get on seeing them soon. They also have an interview in BEER, SMOKES, HARDCORE issue #1. Be sure to track that thing down.

BACKTRACK set up right after BAD CHOICE and surprised as well. I personally was not too crazy about the demo, but live they’ve got energy to spare and the songs move at a faster clip so it has more of an aggressive vibe. The set was short but the energy was there the whole time. They’re definitely one of those bands that kids will be jocking by the end of summer. Hopefully we’ll see them back sometime soon.

NAYSAYER hit it right after BACKTRACK. Maybe it’s just me, but I get a serious “Look My Way” era MADBALL vibe from their singer’s vocals, which is a positive in my books (PS. MADBALL is here a week today). They also kept the energy up in the room. Polish Phil was punching kids in the face non-stop. It’s heavier hardcore, but it’s done well. In most cases, bands that try and be heavy are just bad, but these guys pull it off. If you’re into the other stuff Reaper Records has done lately (TRAPPED UNDER ICE, FORFEIT), I highly suggest picking their new 7″ up. You’ll dig and then hopefully when they come back, you’ll be all over it.

Despite the awful turnout, the night was a lot of fun and it ended with a good party at Sneaky Dees aka SITC Headquarters.

As for tonight, there’s a house show happening in the west end. It’s right on the subway line, so if you’ve got nothin to do tonight, you owe it to yourself to check it out. SCHOOL JERKS are a fucking killer band, as are HAZZLE WAZZLE and M.Y. I’m sure it’ll be a good party. Maybe we’ll see you there, who knows. Is it just me or has this flyer design been used before?

And don’t forget 108/SOUL CONTROL is on Wednesday!


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