Hogtown Hardcore


So our buddy DUGUAY put out a fucking awesome zine that was first available back at the HOLD A GRUDGE show at 751 called HOGTOWN HARDCORE. I have yet to pick up my own copy and instead snaked one of my roommates’ so I could take a look. Despite the fact that I haven’t had a chance to read the entire thing cover to cover, I’ve read a fair bit and I am more than satisfied. It’s a substantial read. The OVERPOWER interview done with Pat, their singer, is great, as are the beer reviews. There’s also a photo of Durk from HAZ WAS in there where he looks like Charles Bronson. The MOLESTED YOUTH interview is a bit thin, but it’s not without it’s laughs.

Yeah, I did an interview for the zine as well, but that’s not the reason I’m on here writing about this thing. I’m writing because it actually serves as a fantastic document of what’s been going on around the Toronto hardcore community these days. The bands featured are all relatively new to the scene and have been playing often. Not only that, but Duguay’s got his own style going on, which is great.

I know there’ll be some of these guys kicking around on Saturday, be sure to grab one. I might even try to grab some so that you can grab them at any of our shows.


Also definitely worth noting on the zine front, Toronto’s hardest working zineman has dropped another one on us. Christian has finally released vol. 4 of A BUFFET OF PLAGUES & PAINS. I think the first time I saw it kicking around was at the BRAINDEAD show but I’ve obviously been slacking and failed to mention it. The zine features interviews with SURROUNDINGS, EATING GLASS, SHIPWRECK, HATEBREED and GIVE UP. It’s thicker than the past few and still in the same style. If you see him kicking around with them, be sure to grab it and throw the man a buck or two cause he puts that shit out for free. As always, there are copies kicking around on the bookshelf at Siesta for your browsing pleasure.

Speaking of Siesta, our next show there is:


MINDSET is incredible live. Do not miss out. I haven’t been this stoked about a band coming in a while. But we’ll see all of you before then at the UB record release show. Make a flag, make a shirt, put on some shorts and do the mishmash skankaroo. It’s gonna be a festival of scene unity unlike any you’ve ever seen.


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