More Reality in Toronto

This review has been a long time coming. I don’t think there’ll be a show more deserving of a review this year than the URBAN BLIGHT record release show. It really couldn’t have been better – except for maybe the slow start (on the crowd’s part) to the WASTE MANAGEMENT set. Either way, it was a killer show.

I hit the venue around 930ish, just before BAD CHOICE took the stage. I’ve seen these guys a ton over the past few months, so there isn’t really too much more I can say about them. The crowd did participate more than any previous BC show though. They do have a few killer jams, that’s for sure. Mike, the vocalist was handing out some fact sheets at the MINDSET show (review/photos/interviews coming soon) over the last weekend and I’m pretty positive it said they were recording soon, so be on the lookout for that.

badchoice 1


After BCNYCTO, the MAD MEN did their thing, this time with members of SCHOOL JERKS and REPROBATES rounding out the line-up. This might be my favourite lineup so far for these guys. Save for the one fuck up on Ivan’s drum intro, the set was great – especially considering that they only practiced once in advance. The crowd, again, was furious and it took a few songs before the mesh shirt was busted out. People were flying off the monitors and surfing half-way back in the room, making use of the space as much as possible.

madmen 1

OMEGAS followed MAD MEN. To be frank, I think OMEGAS are one of, if not the best hardcore act going these days. They’ve got a style all to their own and watching them is exciting, dangerous and uncomfortable all at the same time. Their new tracks are absolutely wild and they play with a fury that most bands just don’t have right now. Tony Tony was whammying all over the place and Ryan was basically crying on the floor. Track down their demo before it totally disappears. They opened with one of the most bizarre covers I’ve seen, THE OFFSPRING’s “Gotta Get Away” and killed it.

omegas 1
omegas 2

WASTE MANAGEMENT followed up and it felt like the room cleared out just before they took the stage. They opened with “United and Strong,” and got a bit of a reaction but not as much as the previous bands. That said, I’d chalk this up to unfamiliarity. Despite complaints that they couldn’t hear each other on stage, they played well, not letting the weak showing on the crowd’s part get to them. A few songs in, the crowd showed up but the set finished shortly after.


URBAN BLIGHT were up to close out the night after that. In the countless times I’ve seen these guys play, this was probably the best set I’ve ever seen them pull off. They played multiple songs without stopping between them, which they don’t tend to do on a normal night. Again, the crowd couldn’t be stopped, jumping off of anything and everything. Surprisingly, yet fitting considering Beav’s speech about current economic times, they covered CRASS’ “Do They Owe Us A Living?” Who knew a CRASS cover would go over well in Toronto? They also played, for the first time, the closing track off the MORE REALITY 12″, “What Can Be Done?” which also stood out. They closed the set with a cover of “Can’t Tell No One” sung by Kevin Dent, who I understand is doing his best Paul Bearer impression in THExPROOF. He looked pissed and I expect that to continue in his new band.

urbanblight 2
urbanblight 1
This is another one of those shows that will definitely standout over time as one of the best of an era. If you didn’t get a chance to be there, you can still grab the new 12″ EP. It’s a fuckin’ killer. You can pick it up at HITS AND MISSES or order it directly from SLASHER RECORDS. I seriously recommend checking it out.

ALSO, I’ll be doing a guest DJ set on EQUALIZING DISTORT this Sunday night, as well as doing some sort of interview regarding the site and show promotion. Tune in at 10pm to hear it!


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