MINDSET in Toronto

“Hardcore is not a spectator sport.”

So just over a week ago, MINDSET played Toronto with FORCE FED, URBAN BLIGHT, OUTLAST and BATTLE. Personally, I was pretty excited about this show as I had been trying to get MINDSET to play here since September of last year. They didn’t disappoint. If you took pictures of this show, please let us know!


BATTLE opened the show. They played some heavy/melodic hardcore that seems to be popular these days. Although I wasn’t necessarily crazy about them, their singer’s delivery seemed rather impassioned – especially when they busted out “Filler.”


Following BATTLE was OUTLAST, playing what was apparently their second show. Of no fault to them, it was relatively apparent. The band played a set of youth-crew inspired hardcore that had it’s ups and downs. They threw in the ever popular cover of “Take the Risk,” as well.



URBAN BLIGHT was up third and, although the performance wasn’t nearly as remarkable as the performance on the proceeding Saturday, it was still great. The crowd wasn’t always participating but the NEGATIVE APPROACH cover went over exceptionally well. If you have yet to pick up the new 12″, I recommend doing so.




FORCE FED followed. They seem to be receiving mixed reviews and I find people either love or hate them. Personally, for a band with just a demo so far, I think they’re heading in the right direction. Joe, their singer, was flying all over the place. His stage presence reminded me of Ryan, the singer of OUTBREAK, when they were just starting up. He was all over the place and if you weren’t careful he might’ve bowled you over. I’m excited to hear their 7″ when it comes out.



MINDSET closed the show out. They definitely met my high expectations with an energetic performance. Youth Crew hardcore is such a particular sub-genre and if it’s not done right, it’s not good. These guys definitely do it right. So far, I have yet to see a band that I consider more deserving of holding the Youth Crew mantle right now. Their energy and stage presence cannot be matched by anyone else in the sub-genre and their lyrics are both fresh and on-point and like any good Youth Crew band, they are angry as hell behind the veil of positivity. I’ve recommended it before and I will again: go pick up the Realpower 7″ on REACT. It’s worth every penny.



After the show, we got together and made a trip to HITS AND MISSES (where I did a short interview with FORCE FED), had some chow at SNEAKY DEES (SITCHQ) then later hit up FRAN’s for some milkshakes/sundaes and a good sit down with the MINDSET guys, where a number of topics were discussed. Those interviews will be floating around in one way or another soon, so stay on the lookout for them.

MINDSET will hopefully be back this Summer as well, so you have one more thing to get excited about. This was one of my favourite SITC shows so far and I look forward to seeing these guys back. Thanks to everyone who came to check it out, hopefully we’ll see some of those new faces out to a show again soon!


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