Tonight at Siesta

I went by Siesta last night and caught the three opening bands, but a long week shut me down pretty early. It should be noted that EATING GLASS continues to improve. Jose mentioned that they have a new 7″ coming out on a new label called INTERURBAN DWELLING, run by Mitch Wetton who is most notorious for doing shows in London. The record will consist of the songs formerly set to be released on a split with BLACK BIRDS.

As for tonight, there’s a wicked show happening again at Siesta. NITAD is here all the way from Sweden on a rip with CANADIAN RIFLE who are not actually Canadian. However, they do have a new LP out on RESIDUE RECORDS and I have pretty high expectations for it considering how good their two past 7″s are. I expect them to have it tonight.

The locals on the bill are nothing to cough at either. SCHOOL JERKS are always great and will probably be better tonight as they are playing later on the bill and that will give Luke plenty of time to get wasted before hand. MOLESTED YOUTH are going to be releasing their latest demo cassette tonight, the first with Shaun on vocals. I scored a copy last week and I’ve gotta say, it’s really fucking good. It’s a marked improvement from the last demo for sure. Opening the gig is MATURE SITUATIONS who have now added a new member to the group – and old lady nonetheless. I expect them to have explicit t-shirts on hand.


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