Radio Silence in Toronto


For those who are otherwise unaware, RADIO SILENCE is a book that was released last fall on MTV Press. The book itself was incredibly well received, the MTV Press thing was met with mixed responses – but all of that aside, Anthony Pappalardo and Nathan Nedorostek put together a fantastic piece of work that lets the history of the Hardcore movement speak for itself. For as much as it may be important for hardcore punk to be informed and influenced by the issues that pertain to it presently, a strong understand of what has come before it’s current state helps it’s participants further push the genre. The two men behind the book put an enormous amount of time and effort into creating a well-informed document of what hardcore has been over so many years.

Since the book’s release, Anthony and Nathan have taken a travelling road show of sorts across the country to showcase some of the book’s contents and celebrate the hardcore subculture as it continues to exist today. After hitting New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Burlington, VT, they are bringing the show to Toronto for the biggest event yet.

Over 4 days in July, we will be celebrating the history of North American hardcore with the events listed above. FUCKED UP, a band whose place in hardcore history is already entrenched, will be headlining their biggest Toronto show ever, NEGATIVE APPROACH & SUPERTOUCH will be playing to what will certainly be a sold out crowd at the ANNEX WRECK ROOM (a venue where headwalking from the stage to the bar and back may be more of a reality than hyperbole) with some fantastic current hardcore acts, the SLAPSHOT documentary will be shown as well as an unseen documentary on NO WARNING’s “ILL BLOOD” and even more – all on top of the photo show and potentially some under the radar secret events.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of RADIO SILENCE TORONTO and to be honest (and I know I might say this a lot) you’re a fool if you miss it. Dude, it’s NEGATIVE APPROACH.

And in keeping with the importance of knowing your roots, our friend Lyndall is opening REMEMBER WHO’S EMMA tonight at Project 165 in Kensington Market. The project is comprised of both a documentary and art show covering the history of the infamous punk hangout that existed from 1995-2000 in the heart of Toronto. I’ve yet to see it but I’m really excited about getting the opportunity. All of the details are listed above. Be sure to make it out to celebrate the hard work that she put in to documenting the community there.



1 Response to “Radio Silence in Toronto”

  1. 1 lyndall June 15, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Thanks for posting this! The Radio Silence project sounds rad. It’s amazing how self-reflexive the hardcore scene is. So many doc projects. DIY history forever.

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