My apologies for taking an unintended hiatus over the past week. I’ve been busy.

That said, the hardcore world hasn’t stopped turning. I’ve still yet to write or post anything about the CRUEL HAND, URBAN BLIGHT, RAH, HAZ WAZ, UV RAY and BAD CHOICE show. Past that, we also had a NO HARM DONE, STATIC RADIO NJ, MOTHER OF MERCY, ENERGY, !ATTENTION! show which was a lot of fun, despite the smaller than hoped for turn out.

Because I’ve been away for a week, I want to bring attention to some stuff that I missed, but is worth noting as well as other things on the horizon:

  • REMEMBER WHO’S EMMA has wrapped up at Project 165 in Kensington but you can still catch screenings of the documentary. I’m gonna hit up the one tonight at the Rogers Communication Centre at the corner of Church and Gould. It is scheduled to start around 630pm.
  • In the upcoming MAXIMUM ROCK N’ ROLL there is a Toronto Scene Report featuring write-ups on a good number of Toronto’s bands, write by Stephe Perry, host of Equalizing Distort. I’m really excited to see it in print.
  • The new RAH 7″ is at the pressing plant. I’m going to write a lot more on this as soon as we get the test presses back.
  • OVER POWER is opening for THE BUSINESS tomorrow at Lee’s Palace.
  • SUMMER OF STUCK IN THE CITY#2 is only a week away. Come and hang. Bring fireworks for the park afterwards.
  • Tomorrow I’ll post a CRUEL HAND review, then I’ll post a NO HARM DONE review and we’ll get back on track from there.



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