Reviewing the Cruel Hand/UB etc show…

Photo by Bevin Shores.

The following was submitted by Cameron Charyk:

Last Saturday me and my buddy Greg went to this show, as it was the first one I’d attended since this past October (in Toronto.) We got to the show a half hour past 8, but nothing started happening ’til after 9. I only came to see our local talent. Hardcore throughout Ontario is blowing up now and there is a huge potential for each band. BAD CHOICE played first and I wanted to see this band since January. It was there demo release show and I REALLY like the fact that they sound like 80’s NYHC straight from the gutter, can’t wait to hear an e.p. from these guys in the future. ULTRA VIOLENCE RAY were really good as well, the were like a Screeching Weasel/Ramones/Descendents type band. Really fun and energetic, really good. HAZARDOUS WASTE is like this crazy thrash skate kind of band from Mississauga and got the crowd all riled up, they covered Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right” and everyone went mental as fuck. The singer threw something at the light, resulting in a minor explosion and like that, the band left stage. RAH was up next. Their e.p. is really, really wicked and I finally saw the live experience. They have a new 7″ e.p. coming out on Stuck In The City’s new record label, “Labeled Records” and I’m sure it will exceed “Intellegent Design.” Finally URBAN BLIGHT played, 2 years I have waited to see this band and with their new release of “More Reality” and growing popularity the set was bound to have a positive reaction. They played songs from their demo, to their new e.p. and they finished with a cover of Negative Approach’s “Can’t Tell No One.” I headed out after Urban Blight and left with that buzz you get from being completely satisfied. No bad things could be said from the night except maybe some shirtless punk lighting off firecrackers in the venue, oh, and maybe a bit of vomit. I left with a vibrant fruit punch smell on my hair and shirt. T.O.H.C. back in action!

The show did end up starting much later than we had hoped for or expected. Siesta Nouveaux’s upstairs was accidentally double booked that evening and we had to compromise just so that the show could even happen. Unfortunately, the preceding show mistook finished by 9pm as “bands done at 9pm” and it took another hour before everything could be loaded in and going.
As a result, when CRUEL HAND took the stage, the crowd was thinned out, likely because many people had to catch the last subway home. Regardless, it didn’t seem to faze that band, and they powered through a set that seemed to be enjoyed by the 40-50 people left in the room. I have some pictures of that that I will post as soon as I have the opportunity to scan them. Someone put a huge hole in the while they were playing and big thanks go out to Ed from IN TIME for taking some spare time to fix it up.
I will do my best to catch up with more writing over the weekend. Saw PROPAGANDHI last night and Todd didn’t sing one single song. What the fuck?

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