Coke Bust is less than one week away.

coke bust flyer

So, COKE BUST and SICK FIX will be here in less than a week, playing with URBAN BLIGHT and HAZARDOUS WASTE. On top of that, GLUE has been added to the show. It’s gonna be hard for Durk to handle fronting the only not-edge band on the bill.

Either way, COKE BUST is on a full North American rip that has them playing songs off their recently released “Lines in the Sand” LP on Six Weeks Records. I’ve heard it and it fucking rips. On top of that, the show’s got some solid support. Hopefully we’ll see you out. This is one of the shows this summer I’m most looking forward to.

Christian of A BUFFET OF PLAGUES AND PAINS did up the flyer, so big thanks go out to him.

Past that, I’ve got a ton of photos to post now that I’ve been trying to go back to analog. I’ll put some up tomorrow. HITS AND MISSES just got in another wicked shipment of records which I was happy to put a dent in today. Get up there, buy your HAVE HEART ticket and spend some money on records. Also, stay tuned for news on the RAH 7″ release show. Big things coming up folks. Big things.


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