Coke Bust Last Night

Last night’s show was great. Nothing could’ve been better. It was well attended, the bands were great and there was a good number of new faces. There even a few speeches that were met without heckling. Thank you to everyone who came out. In the coming months, I’m going to stop writing show reviews but I encourage you readers to do so. Send them HERE and I’ll be sure to post them. And send your photos/videos too! I’ll post the photos from NHD/Energy/Static Radio/Mother of Mercy/Attention soon.

photo 46

photo 48

photo 45
photo 41

photo 44

photo 42

photo 36

photo 40

photo 39

photo 33

photo 32

photo 26

photo 27

photo 24

photo 29

photo 30


1 Response to “Coke Bust Last Night”

  1. 1 D'Arcy July 10, 2009 at 11:48 am

    haha, glad you got a photo of my sign. I hope it stays there 🙂
    its a bummer i missed this show, looks awesome – d’a

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