Tuesday, July 14th

HATRED SURGE and MAMMOTH GRINDER were here last night and played a show with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, U.T.I. and CLASS WAR KIDS from NFLD. It was a serious show.

In short, CLASS WAR KIDS played early and did a rehash of the melodic political punk thing. U.T.I. followed. They’ve got a new drummer and bassist since the last time I saw them and they delivered. It’s good when a band gets better at playing the same songs. Leah is still incredibly furious. After a bit of an unintended intermission, THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE played and it was absolute mayhem. Matthew wouldn’t let the crowd rest for a minute, forcing his way through to the back of the room. One of the best performances I’ve seen them put forth for sure. MAMMOTH GRINDER followed, and although not has intense as the Blockade, it was a pretty cool set of a stoner metal meets hardcore hybrid. HATRED SURGE played last and were so fucking loud that it actually seemed like the P.A. was going to blow up. That is not hyperbole. One P.A. speaker was actually glowing throughout their set. Save for a bit of gear trouble, it was another killer.

I’ll post some pictures of that show later this week. Today, you can feast on these never posted pictures from the SACRED SHOCK/SLAUGHTER STRIKE/MATURE SITUATIONS show back in April.

And before you do that, note that RAH has put up a couple songs on their myspace from their upcoming 7″. There will be a lot more to say about this in the coming week as well, including the most important record release show. Either way, mark August 22nd down on your calendar.







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