Radio Silence Starts Today!

In case you haven’t got the vibe around here yet, I’m pretty fucking excited about this whole RADIO SILENCE thing going down over the next 4 days/nights.

It’ll kick off tonight at the Phoenix with FUCKED UP playing with bands that aren’t hardcore bands, which should be pretty fun. Tomorrow night is the PHOTO GALLERY at the Gibson Showroom, which will definitely be followed by some sort of after party – that you will only be able to find out about if you’ve been to the Gallery, so seriously, don’t miss out on that.

Saturday is the day that I think most of people are looking forward to and rightfully so. NEGATIVE APPROACH. SUPERTOUCH. DAVE SMALLEY. LION OF JUDAH. PULLING TEETH. OMEGAS. BAD CHOICE. That’s a solid and diverse line up if you ask me. Yes OMEGAS have been added and don’t worry, THERE ARE PLENTY OF TICKETS AVAILABLE.

After that, again, there will be some wicked stupid after party, somewhere in the bowels of the city. I assure you it’ll be wicked and it will probably be in a kitchen. There are also the 3 Toronto punk/hardcore documentaries showing at the Trash Palace that are all worth seeing. You’ll be able to do both for sure.

And then on Sunday, we’re gonna all get comfy in the Royal to watch CHIP ON MY SHOULDER, the acclaimed Slapshot documentary with Mark MacKaye and Dave Smalley there to talk about the history of Boston Hardcore.

It’s gonna be a weekend to remember. See you there.


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