Of Importance


I know I said I would post the Radio Silence show photos today, but I’m instead going to save the photos for tomorrow and Thursday. I shot two rolls of film, so there’s a lot to look at. Check back tomorrow if you’re looking for those. Also, if you took any pictures this weekend (or at any of our past shows for that matter), please let us know by emailing us HERE.

Now, on to other things worthy of note today.

  • The RAH records are in. We’ll be packaging them this week or next and your next chance to snag one will be on August 22nd at the record release show, featuring RAH, ALPHA & OMEGA, HAZARDOUS WASTE, FORTUNE TELLER & BORED STIFF (who will be playing their last show ever!). Your first chance to snag one of these 7″s was over this past weekend. We released 20 copies with limited covers, that were hand stamped and numbered. If you wanted one and didn’t catch it, you’ll know next time to take a look at the Hits and Misstro. Not all of them were sold, so we’ll be bringing the left overs to Hits and Misses as soon as possible. After that, you can pick it up on the 22nd. There may be some cool shit available between now and then.
  • RAH posted a couple new tracks on their myspace, by the way. Get over there and give’em a listen.
  • The HAVE HEART show is less than a month away now and tickets are moving steadily. You can pick up yours at either Hits and Misses or Rotate This and if you’re from out of town, you can email us with your request. I would highly suggest picking them up in advance!
  • Speaking of Hits and Misses, Pete just got more copies of the July issue of MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL, featuring the “Toronto Scene Report”. Not that you should really need to own a copy to find out what’s going on in your city, it’s still definitely a good copy to grab.
  • This Saturday, Pesci is having a birthday party at The Poor Alex Theatre, featuring CAREER SUICIDE, BRUTAL KNIGHTS, SOCIAL CIRCKLE, ACID REFLUX & MOLESTED YOUTH. Someone better take pictures, because I’m out of town this weekend.
  • SOUL CONTROL is coming back on September 18th to celebrate the release of their new album. The show will be taking place at Siesta Nouveau and they’ll be playing with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, HAGGATHA & TITAN. It’ll be pretty 90s and pretty awesome.
  • Have I mentioned the TITLE FIGHT, GYPSY (members of COLD WORLD, LET DOWN, BLACKLISTED & MOTHER OF MERCY), !ATTENTION! & EMERGENCY show happening on August 21st at The Poor Alex Theatre? If not, consider it mentioned. Flyers soon.
  • I’m going to order some copies of the TOWN OF HARDCORE zineography. If you never got yourself a copy of this, now is your chance. If you want to pick it up in advance, let me know and I’ll email you when they’re in. If you want to wait, they should be here in time for HAVE HEART.

Fuck. I really did fall behind on these sorts of updates. Consider yourself updated!


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