More Flyers!

I’ve got a lot of printing to do this weekend. These guys will be up around town soon as well. Because I will probably not make a post between now and Friday, note that tomorrow night (Thursday) URBAN BLIGHT will be playing their last Toronto show in awhile, with the likes of SCHOOL JERKS, LOGIC PROBLEM & THE SHITTY LIMITS. See you in the pit.


THIS TIME NEXT YEAR had just signed with Equal Vision Records the last time they rolled through with FIREWORKS. It’s really cool to see hard work pay off. If you’re into the types of pop punk shows we book (they are few and far between) then you definitely don’t want to miss this one. The illustration on the flyer was done by my buddy LDT.


And yeah, we’re doing a show for DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. From what I recall, the last time they were here was last August and – save for stopping to record their latest effort – I don’t think they’ve stopped touring since. REIGN SUPREME are on this one as well, which has a much more affordable price than their last gig here. This one will be big. The image used in this flyer is one of the victims of the recent government crackdown in Iran. If you’re not familiar with what’s been going on there, I highly recommend looking into it.


1 Response to “More Flyers!”

  1. 1 mindset says July 30, 2009 at 10:01 am

    hell ya the dbd flyer looks good gb.

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