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Urban Blight Live

For the people that didn’t believe me about the URBAN BLIGHT record release show being awesome.


Souvenirs and Evidence


Our friend Dan, head honcho of Mad at the World Records & drummer of OMEGAS, has written a cool piece on CHEAP TRAGEDIES to celebrate the release of their new LP on his label. Check it out here. In the article, he includes a great review of the show we held at Spencer’s house back on May 24th of last year. Reading it put a smile on my face as that show stands out as one of my favourites that we’ve held so far. We had a BBQ going, the house was packed and the bands were all awesome, especially CHEAP TRAGEDIES. It was good vibes and scene unity at its finest. Like Dan, I was surprised when I had heard their demo. It didn’t sound like any of their associated acts at all but after awhile it really grew on me. Once I witnessed the live show, I was sold.

I highly recommend checking out their new LP on Mad at the World, entitled “Volume 1: Souvenirs and Evidence”, one, if you’re into real melodic hardcore, the way it should be played or two, if you’re into good punk rock. Pete has some of the limited clear vinyl copies at Hits and Misses. Get up there and grab one. While you’re at it, pick up the 7″ they put out on Colohan’s High Anxiety imprint as well.

Too Funny Not to Post

Damian’s started his own blog about Fucked Up. It’s called Voice of Dissent. Check it out here. I’m sure it’ll be a worthwhile read.

You Made A Bad Choice

Bad Choice is a new Toronto band that’s been in the works for a while. They played their first show on January 9th with Career Suicide. They’ll be playing again on March 23rd with some HUGE bands. Watch these videos from their first set, memorize the words and slank around your room.

The First Step’s Last Show

I do my best to keep the content on this set reserved for that which is, to a degree, locally related. However, this time I must make an exception. On Saturday, a few friends and I made the trip down to Lemoyne, PA to see THE FIRST STEP’s last show. It was an incredibly worthwhile trip. That band was easily one of my favourite contemporary hardcore bands and it is really sad to see them go. I don’t think the show could have been any better, unless the venue was maybe a bit smaller. That way, it would’ve felt really packed.

The band’s set-list was great. I guess you can’t expect less from a band that has never phoned in a song. It was as follows:

The performance was off the charts as usual. Part of what made the band great was their live performances. Always furious and always with purpose. Stephen made some phenomenal speeches. I’ve never understood the viewpoint that singers of hardcore bands shouldn’t talk between songs. It’s fine if you don’t, but if you care about what you’re singing about, it always comes off as more sincere when you do talk. In the category of sincerity, this band takes the cake. They will be sorely missed. I will keep my fingers crossed that, when Aaron returns from his retreat, they will play once again. Also, kudos to Greg Bacon, TFS’ bass player, who reportedly put the end of show CD together. As soon as the set finished, Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” started playing. A stroke of genius, it was.

Almost all of the band’s set has been posted on Youtube. It’s worth watching if you were a fan.

Tim McMahon and DOUBLE CROSS have done an interview with Stephen and it is going up in installments over the next while. If you’re not reading Double Cross yet, you really should be. We will have our Aram interview up soon.

Oh, and the other bands, especially Mindset and Get the Most, were great as well, but, by the end of TFS’s set, I had almost forgotten who they were. Seriously though, check out the new Mindset record when it drops on React! I’ve heard it, and it’s really, really good. Hopefully we’ll see them here soon.

Also worth noting was the personal tour we got from Hoibak of Buffalo’s finer neighborhoods, both on the way there and on the way back. If you’re ever looking to kill 2 hours in Buffalo, get in a car with Erik Hoibak. He’ll try and convince you to eat at Great Wall (Vogel endorsed) at least 3 times.


Visions is easily one of my faves so far this year.

Saturday, I’m moshing. In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch this video:

Rah – Intelligent Design


So locals out of Hamilton, RAH, just dropped their new 7″ entitled, “Intelligent Design”. It came out on some label in Australia apparently. However, they do have copies with them. If you’re eager, you can order them directly from their myspace. If you’re not, you can just pick one up at the official record release, July 5th, with Forfeit, Eating Glass and Red Inside at Siesta Nouveaux. If for whatever reason you’re too cheap and just want the songs so you can mosh on the 5th, you can download them here.

Oh and in case you were wondering, this record is good.

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