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Now Taking Orders For “The Truth Will Reveal Itself”

THE TRUTH WILL REVEAL ITSELF is Rah’s second 7″ in as many years. Building on the unique style they developed on “Intelligent Design,” Rah play fast and furious hardcore with no bullshit posturing and no pretension. 8 songs in 10 minutes. 500 platters on scrap vinyl. LBLD-001

$7 CAN/$8 US/$9 International
It’s Canadian Dollars in Canada, US dollars everywhere else.

Available for wholesale through REVHQ soon!

Labeled Records intends to do the best it can to represent the current crop of Toronto Hardcore to the rest of the world.

Keep up with us by checking our temporary site at

LBLD-003 ??????


The Truth Will Reveal Itself

RAH Records

Tomorrow is the RAH record release show (TITLE FIGHT is tonight). It marks a whole new chapter for us as far as providing outlets for the local hardcore community goes.

I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for awhile and I guess I couldn’t have left it closer. It’s said for a long time on our “About” page that maybe one day we’d be a record label. Although LABELED RECORDS isn’t exactly STUCK IN THE CITY, it’s created in similar spirit. Personally, I’ve wanted to provide a Toronto based outlet to help get music out for a while now and after a few discussions with Mike, singer of Fortune Teller, we developed a plan to make it happen.

RAH “The Truth Will Reveal Itself” is our first release and we’ve got several more planned. I’m pretty excited about it. Once we start getting this one out the door, we’ll be on to the very first FORTUNE TELLER 7″ and if what we’ve got planned for LBLD-003 works out, both Mike and I are gonna be seriously happy.

Ordering info will be available early next week and as soon as it is, we’ll post it. As far as pressing info goes, there are 500 of these on scrap vinyl (that’s why there are so many colours – there’s 8 “colours” and then 17 records of 2’s and 3’s). If you want to get it earlier, that is, if you haven’t yet, come out to the show tomorrow. We’ll have your typical record release fare – limited covers, t-shirts etc etc.

Myself, Mike and the band hope to see you there.


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Approved. More info soon!

Hits & Misses Boxing Day Sale!

Odds are you’re gonna have some cash to burn after Christmas if you celebrate, so why not blow it on some records. The details are as follows: 15% off everything, but does not include Consignment Items, 20% off of your total if you spend over $100. The sale’s gonna last until the new year, so get down there and blow some cash.

If you really want your money’s worth, ask Pete for suggestions.

Support your local (punk) record store!

Calling a Spade a Spade

Definitely the best record of the last 6 months, possibly (read: likely) the best record of the year.


In regards to the contents of  this post, George from Blacklisted addressed the leak on their blog. If you’re into the band it’s a worthwhile read.

In my opinion, the album is really good.

Heavier than Heaven, Lonlier than God

Blacklisted LP Cover

The new Blacklisted LP leaked yesterday. I downloaded it and it is as good as expected. I was going to post about my opinion in regards to downloading punk and hardcore but I decided I’ll save that for myself and anyone who wants to discuss it face to face.

The record rules. The band recaptured the intensity of the demo and Our Youth is Wasted that seemed to lack slightly on the LP.

If you happened to download it, and you like it, then you should do the band and the label a favour and go out and buy it.

I’m pretty excited to see this band next weekend.

Ceremony/Life Long Tragedy June 1st, The Carrier June 12th, Die Young June 16th, New Lows/Meltdown in July. Hardcore Still Lives.

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