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It Starts…

I know, I know. Last night was Punkbar but tonight is when shit really gets rolling.

Tonight – The Bitters, Metz, Little Girls, France Had the Bomb & Danger Bay at Sneaky Dee’s.
Tomorrow – CRO MAGS, Fucked Up, Mind Eraser, Rival Mob, Waste Management, Rampage, Free Spirit, Rah & Burning Love at the Kathedral AND Red Mass, Teenanger, The Bang Bangs & Primitive Hands at Sneaky Dee’s THEN Career Suicide, Mature Situations & Molested Youth at Rancho
Saturday – Fucked Up, Iron Lung, DSB, YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH, Brutal Knights, Force Fed & Nomos at Sneaky Dee’s THEN Omegas, Urban Blight & Mad Men at Rancho Relaxo.

Drink lots of caffeine and sleep in on Saturday if you want to survive.

AND the HITS & MISSTRO will be at the show on Friday night and Pete just got a new Rev order in, so bring your extra dollars.

On top of all this, it’s an otherwise busy weekend in Toronto. For those attendees calling the city their second home this weekend, here’s a short list of places, shops & events I personally recommend checking out this weekend:

  1. HITS & MISSES (obviously).
  2. ROTATE THIS (obviously).

That basically covers food/music etc. If anyone wants any specific advice, feel free to post up in the comments. Otherwise, see you in the pit.

Oh and I started a zine and it’ll be available this weekend.


Two Shows Tonight

And a lot more if you dig for it. Oh and that secret FU show was last night at Lee’s Palace. Guess you missed it.

SLAUGHTER STRIKE will be blowing the walls off of Siesta tonight and across town, FORTUNE TELLER & FOG OF LEPROSY are playing a free show at SNEAKY DEE’S DANCE CLUB with the CANCER BATS. Get there early if that’s where you’re heading.

A Night of Crossover Madness


Tomorrow night at Sneaky Dee’s. You do not want to miss this one. PJ is drumming for MOLESTED YOUTH in the absence of Nick “Fake Dad” Speal. MAD MEN don’t play often. SLAUGHTER STRIKE will have their long-awaited demo cassette. Dan Lilker still needs a haircut. March of the S.O.D. anyone?

Eating Glass is breaking up.


Last Night & Friday/Saturday

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who came out last night. Please! If you took any pictures or videos, send them to us at STUCKINTORONTO AT GMAIL DOT COM. It would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you’re inclined to write up a review, please send one in!

Also, our friend MTM put out a live cassette of the last HAVE HEART show here in Toronto and we’re gonna get you ordering info for that soon. Expect maybe another one of last night’s set in the future.

HAVE HEART seem to be a band that has brought hardcore to a whole other group of people who we don’t normally see at shows. Hopefully we’ll see more of them out soon!

And there’s plenty of opportunities, specifically:




I will do a write up on the RAH record in the next few days. It’s been busy as hell in my world lately, so you’ll have to forgive my inability to write substantial posts these days. I’ll try and get it back, maybe.

Heads up that the RAH record is streaming on their myspace and FORTUNE TELLER posted a new song from their upcoming 7″ which will be out in the fall on LABELED as well.

More Flyers!

I’ve got a lot of printing to do this weekend. These guys will be up around town soon as well. Because I will probably not make a post between now and Friday, note that tomorrow night (Thursday) URBAN BLIGHT will be playing their last Toronto show in awhile, with the likes of SCHOOL JERKS, LOGIC PROBLEM & THE SHITTY LIMITS. See you in the pit.


THIS TIME NEXT YEAR had just signed with Equal Vision Records the last time they rolled through with FIREWORKS. It’s really cool to see hard work pay off. If you’re into the types of pop punk shows we book (they are few and far between) then you definitely don’t want to miss this one. The illustration on the flyer was done by my buddy LDT.


And yeah, we’re doing a show for DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. From what I recall, the last time they were here was last August and – save for stopping to record their latest effort – I don’t think they’ve stopped touring since. REIGN SUPREME are on this one as well, which has a much more affordable price than their last gig here. This one will be big. The image used in this flyer is one of the victims of the recent government crackdown in Iran. If you’re not familiar with what’s been going on there, I highly recommend looking into it.

Hatred Surge, Monday Night

This show is going to rule. Bring earplugs.