New Handbill + New Shows & New Bands Added to Old Ones

This will be the flyer for Sunday night at the Strife show. This flyer gets changed after every show that SITC puts on. Often times kids look at the black and white version and think they already have it, so I’m gonna have to spend some cash on colour copying I guess.

Here’s the info that’s changed:

– NEW SHOW: GRAVE MAKER, OFFSIDES, NO HARM DONE, CASTING CURSES on JUNE 5TH. All these bands are rolling through on tour, so come out and support them. Grave Maker is coming from Vancouver, just signed to Think Fast! and are ex-Figure Four. Worth checking out.

ORPHAN CHOIR is going to jump on the THE CARRIER, OUR FATHER, TITAN show on JUNE 12TH.

BITTER END is coming through with SHIPWRECK. Start moshing now. I’ll spill all the details on the coming soon section as things happen.

– I’ve decided that the price of the CEREMONY show is going to go up 2 dollars to $12. Some of these bands are coming from California and we should treat them right.

– Apparently the band that’s touring with TRAPPED UNDER ICE, that I was told is called “Vanishing Point” is actually called CURTAINS. EDIT: Vanishing Point is a totally different band. They dropped off the tour and were replaced by Curtains.

Sidebar: I’m always looking for people to help out/contribute. This is a community after all. Say hello if you ever see someone handing out these flyers.



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